“The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Trevor Huddleston: Activist, Anti-Apartheid Hero, and Friend to Nelson Mandela” 

 February 28, 2023

The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Trevor Huddleston: Activist, Anti-Apartheid Hero, and Friend to Nelson Mandela

Trevor Huddleston was not your ordinary South African priest. He became an anti-apartheid hero whose name is still famous in the racial equality fight. Trevor Huddleston’s passion ignited a transformation in South Africa’s history that caused a ripple effect felt across the globe. He fought for a better tomorrow, a better future where racial equality prevailed.

In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring life and legacy of Trevor Huddleston: Activist, anti-apartheid hero, and friend to Nelson Mandela.

Early Life

Trevor Huddleston was born on June 15, 1913, in Bedfordshire, England. He joined the Community of the Resurrection, an Anglican religious community, at the age of 19 and was ordained a priest in 1939. In 1942, at the age of 28, he was sent to South Africa.

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Arrival in South Africa

Trevor Huddleston didn’t know much about the situation in South Africa before he arrived. After he landed in Cape Town, he found a country still reeling from centuries of colonial oppression and racial inequality enforced by the apartheid government.

Anti-Apartheid Activism

Trevor Huddleston didn’t remain a quiet observer. He opposed apartheid openly and became a voice for change. He shared his views on various radio broadcasts and throughout the Christian community. Trevor Huddleston founded the Anti-Apartheid Committee, which gained support from people worldwide. In 1955, he published the “Naught for Your Comfort” anti-apartheid book.

The Struggle Continues

Trevor Huddleston did not stop his anti-apartheid activism even after attaining his objectives. He continued to fight and support Mandela’s camp as much as he could. The years after the end of apartheid, he worked as bishop of Mauritius.

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Friendship with Nelson Mandela

Trevor Huddleston and Nelson Mandela were good friends. When Mandela was serving his life imprisonment term on Robben Island, Trevor Huddleston would visit him. He was a voice of encouragement, confidence, and hope that helped encourage Mandela to keep fighting against apartheid and strive for racial equality.

Legacy of Trevor Huddleston

Trevor Huddleston’s legacy didn’t end with his death in 1998. It continued to inspire unity, democracy, and racial equality in South Africa and around the world. He proved that one person can make a difference with the courage to stand up, speak out, and inspire change.

FAQs about Trevor Huddleston

Q1. What made Trevor Huddleston famous?

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Trevor Huddleston became famous for his activism that strongly opposed apartheid’s policies in South Africa.

Q2. Was Trevor Huddleston a friend of Nelson Mandela?

Yes, Trevor Huddleston was a friend of Nelson Mandela and visited him on Robben Island to offer moral support.

Q3. What did Trevor Huddleston’s legacy inspire?

Trevor Huddleston’s legacy inspired unity, democracy, and racial equality in South Africa and worldwide.

Q4. What was the Anti-Apartheid Committee?

The Anti-Apartheid Committee was an organization founded by Trevor Huddleston to bring people together to support the common goal of ending apartheid.

Q5. What was Trevor Huddleston’s book titled?

Trevor Huddleston wrote an anti-apartheid book titled “Naught for Your Comfort,” published in 1955.

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Q6. What was Trevor Huddleston’s religious affiliation?

Trevor Huddleston was an Anglican priest.

Q7. Is Trevor Huddleston still famous today?

Yes, Trevor Huddleston is still famous today for his activism and tireless pursuit of racial equality.


Trevor Huddleston’s inspiring life and legacy remind us that one person can make a difference in the world. His unwavering commitment to activism and racial equality left an indelible mark on South Africa and the world. His legacy continues to inspire future generations to fight for unity, democracy, and racial equality. Let us all be inspired by his example and make a positive difference in our world today.

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