Discovering Timo Parvela: An Exploration of Finland’s Acclaimed Children’s Author. 

 February 14, 2023


Finland is famous for its quirky literature and adventurous children’s stories. One of the country’s most celebrated authors in this genre is Timo Parvela. Parvela is well-known for his humorous and captivating tales that capture the imagination of both kids and adults.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the life and work of Timo Parvela. We will explore his background, the literary techniques he employs, and some of his notable works.


Timo Parvela was born on August 15, 1964, in Jyvaskyla, Finland. As a child, he was a keen reader and always had a fascination with stories. He went on to study Finnish literature and history at the University of Jyvaskyla. After graduating, he worked as a teacher for many years before turning his sights to writing full-time.

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Writing Style

Parvela’s writing style is characterized by his ability to craft simple yet captivating stories. He uses a lot of wordplay and humor, which makes his books entertaining and engaging for kids. He also has a talent for creating memorable characters, many of whom children can relate to.

Notable Works

Parvela is best known for his “Ella” series of books, which follows the adventures of a young girl named Ella. The series has been translated into over 20 languages, and it has captivated audiences around the world.

Another one of his notable works is the “Bogyman” series, which features a lovable monster named Rölli. The books are full of adventure and humor, and they have been widely praised for their unique take on the monster genre.

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Literary Techniques

Parvela is a master of literary devices such as personification, metaphor, and simile. He uses these tools to create vivid and engaging stories that take readers on a journey. He also uses repetition and alliteration to give his stories a sense of rhythm and flow.


1. What is Timo Parvela known for?
Timo Parvela is known for his humorous and captivating children’s stories, particularly his “Ella” and “Bogyman” series.

2. What is the literary style of Timo Parvela?
Timo Parvela’s writing style is characterized by humor, wordplay, memorable characters, and simple yet captivating stories.

3. What are some notable works of Timo Parvela?
Timo Parvela’s most notable works include the “Ella” series and the “Bogyman” series.

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4. What literary devices does Timo Parvela employ in his writing?
Timo Parvela employs literary devices such as personification, metaphor, simile, repetition, and alliteration in his writing.

5. What age group does Timo Parvela’s work target?
Timo Parvela’s work primarily targets children, but it can also be enjoyed by adults.

6. What is unique about Timo Parvela’s take on the monster genre?
Timo Parvela’s “Bogyman” series features a lovable monster named Rölli, a departure from the usual portrayal of monsters as scary or menacing.

7. What was Timo Parvela’s profession before he became a writer?
Timo Parvela worked as a teacher before he became a full-time writer.

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Timo Parvela is a talented children’s author whose works have delighted readers around the world. His humorous and captivating stories capture the imagination of both kids and adults. Parvela’s mastery of literary devices such as personification and metaphor sets his work apart from other children’s books, making it a must-read for any young reader. If you’re looking for a fun and imaginative book series for your kids, look no further than Timo Parvela’s “Ella” and “Bogyman” series.

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