10 Surprising Facts About James Betterson That You Need to Know 

 January 30, 2023


James Betterson is a popular name in the world of entrepreneurship, but there are several little-known facts about him that deserve to be highlighted. Apart from being a successful business person, Betterson has made several contributions to the community. This blog post reveals ten surprising facts that you need to know about James Betterson.

Fact 1: Formative years in Kenya

James Betterson is originally from Kenya, where he spent his formative years. Growing up, he developed an interest in entrepreneurship and started selling goods as a young boy. This early start inspired his passion for business that led him to grow his company to what it is today.

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Fact 2: Co-founded an environmental foundation

James Betterson’s zeal for environmental conservation led him to co-found the Betterson Green Foundation. This environmental foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness about climate change and promoting efforts to conserve the environment through green energy and sustainable living.

Fact 3: Earned an advanced degree in computer science

Although Betterson’s common name for success is entrepreneurship, he also earned an advanced degree in computer science from a prestigious university. This education helped him to build the necessary foundation and to develop his company to the next level in the competitive technology business.

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Fact 4: Winning the Annual Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In 2014, James Betterson won the Annual Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which recognizes young and exceptional business leaders. This award is given to entrepreneurs under 30 years old who demonstrate outstanding performance in business.

Fact 5: Passionate philanthropist

Betterson has made significant contributions to philanthropic causes. He is known for his charitable donations and actively supporting communities in Kenya, where he grew up. His philanthropic pursuits demonstrate his compassion and his interest in leaving a positive impact on people’s lives.

Fact 6: Expanding His Company to other Countries

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Betterson’s success in the technology industry has driven him to expand his business to other countries. His goal is to make a positive impact internationally by providing smart solutions to growing digital needs.

Fact 7: Music-lover

In addition to his passion for business, Betterson is a music lover. Listening to good music helps to foster creativity and opens his mind to new possibilities.

Fact 8: Inspired by his Parents

James Betterson has been inspired by both his parents, as they were small business owners themselves. This early exposure to entrepreneurship motivated him to pursue a career in business, which has led him to great success today.

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In conclusion, these ten surprising facts about James Betterson highlight the accomplishments, passions, and unique qualities of this successful entrepreneur, environmentalist, and philanthropist. Apart from being a successful business person, James Betterson has been making a difference in people’s lives and communities worldwide.


Q1: What is James Betterson known for?

A: James Betterson is known for his passion for entrepreneurship and his contribution to the environment and philanthropy.

Q2: Where did James Betterson grow up?

A: James Betterson grew up in Kenya.

Q3: What environmental cause does Betterson support?

A: Betterson supports the environmental cause of climate change by promoting sustainable living and green energy.

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Q4: What achievement did Betterson make in 2014?

A: Betterson won the Annual Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014.

Q5: Is Betterson’s business expanding internationally?

A: Yes, Betterson’s business is expanding internationally to provide advanced solutions to growing digital needs.

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